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BSO Bovenkerkerweg

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This is Mirakel’s largest establishment with four baby, four toddlers and two after-school care groups. The branch is located in Amstelveen, directly next to the bowling alley De Kegel.
The BSO consists of two group rooms, a chill room, game room and a make-up corner. There is also a private outdoor playground, shielded by a fence.

Throughout the year we work with themes such as Easter, Mother’s Day, but we also work with the theme Fire and Bullying, for example, because this is important and instructive. On the basis of the themes, activities are devised, so that cooking, handicrafts or sports activities are adapted to the theme in question throughout the week.

What makes Mirakel so special?

  • We take care of your child in a safe environment where he or she can grow by playing, discovering and learning
  • Our professional staff take care of this
  • We offer additional activities, such as music lessons for babies and toddlers, toddlers’ gym and toddlers’ plus activities
  • Once every 6-7 weeks a children’s hairdresser comes along
  • We offer holiday care
  • Extended opening hours: from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

The nursery is easily accessible by bicycle, car and public transport. There is ample parking in the immediate vicinity.

BSO Bovenkerkerweg
Bovenkerkerweg 81
1187 XC  Amstelveen
Tel: 020 642 48 21
Contact: Veronique Varenbrink

Easily accessible by public transport
Free parking

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