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This BSO is located in the Amsterdam Forest with two groups in Hockey club Pinoké. A beautiful environment where especially outdoor sports and games are an important part of the shelter.
The group on the top floor consists of one large room with various corners where the children can relax, do crafts or cook, among other things. BSO Mirakel Pinoké uses the Pinoké hockey fields and also has access to a terrace adjacent to our group.
There is also a large second room on the ground floor with different corners for young and older children. There is a kitchen and bar where you can cook deliciously, a computer corner and a relax corner on a platform against the window to read a lovely book. There is also room to tinker or dance, but you are also outside in a few steps where you can participate in sports or outdoor games.

Throughout the year we work with themes such as Easter, Mother’s Day, but we also work with the theme Fire and Bullying, for example, because this is important and instructive. On the basis of the themes, activities are devised, so that cooking, handicrafts or sports activities are adapted to the theme in question throughout the week.

What makes Kinderopvang Mirakel so special?

  • We care for your child in a safe environment where it can grow through playing, discovering and learning
  • Our professional staff takes care of this
  • We offer extra activities, such as workshops, a star hunt and a sports day
  • Mirakel is open during the school holidays and study days
  • We offer holiday care

Information location:
BSO Pinoké

Jan Tooroplaan 46
1182 AE Amstelveen
Tel: 020 – 262 2261
Contact: Chantal ten Nijenhuis

Easily accessible by public transport
Free parking

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