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On this page you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. On the left you will find the different categories. Is your question not listed or do you want to know more? Then please contact us on telephone number 020-6613507 or info@kdvmirakel.nl.

Change in daycare

What is the notice period?

A notice period of one month applies for each package and for reducing the number of reception days. You can cancel your placement agreement every day, the cancellation will take effect on the day we receive a written cancellation from you.
 An example: if you want to terminate your placement agreement on the 10th of May, then the 9th of May is the last day of the agreement. You may also terminate a contract before a later date. 

Can the notice period be deviated from?

The notice period is fixed, you signed for this by entering into the placement agreement.

When does my child's care stop?

Your child’s placement agreement will automatically stop after the day your child turns 4 years old. So you don’t have to do anything. In extracurricular childcare, it automatically ends on the day that your child turns 13 or goes to secondary school.

My child is at the nursery. Does it automatically get a place on the BSO?

You have to re-register your child for out-of-school care. You can do this via our website. After registration, you are not automatically guaranteed a place. However, children who have been on the daycare do have priority over a place on the after school care. If there is no place on the desired days, we will try to offer an alternative.

Can I swap a day?

An exchange day can always be requested. We offer 6 exchange days, subject to availability. There are a few conditions attached to this.

Can I only request care for the holidays?

Your child is not with us at the childcare centre, but you need care during the holidays? That is possible. We will discuss the location with you and then check availability. You can register for this via our website.

I've become unemployed. Should I stop childcare now?

Have you become unemployed? As an entrepreneur, have you terminated your business? Or do you no longer work for your partner’s company and no longer receive a work allowance? If one of these situations applies to you, you will be entitled to a childcare allowance (KOT) for another six months. Attention! You can stop the supplement with the new Childcare Allowance Application and Amendment Programme for 2019.

I want to report a change or terminate the child's place. How do I do this?

You can fill in the contact form on the website invullen or send an email to info@kdvmirakel.nl. Please inform us about your change or when you want to terminate the child’s place.

Costs, invoices and annual statement

What are the costs of childcare?

There are different rates for childcare and after school care. The costs of childcare depend on your income and the number of days your childcare is provided. You can use our calculation tool to calculate your monthly costs. If you still need some help with this, you can always contact our planning & placement department on +31 (0)20 661 3035.

When will I receive the invoice?

On the first day of the month you will receive an invoice by e-mail for the costs of childcare for the following month. Payment is by direct debit on the 28th of the month or by invoice.

When do I qualify for childcare benefit?

On the website of the Tax and Customs Administration you can find a lot of information about applying for childcare benefit. You can also apply for childcare benefit via this site. Do you still need some help? If so, you can also call the Tax and Customs Administration:: 0800 0543.

When will I receive an annual statement?

You will automatically receive an ‘annual overview of childcare costs’ for the previous year by e-mail in February. This overview shows the total number of hours of childcare that have been taken care of. On the basis of this annual overview, you can fill in the childcare benefit statement.


Where can I find the number of the National Childcare Register (LRKP)?

At the National Register of Childcare and Playgroups you can find the LRKP number of our branches. Only the name of the branch and the place name are sufficient.

On which holidays is Mirakel closed?


1 January New Year’s day
13 April Easter Monday
27 April Kingsday
5 May Liberation Day
21 May Ascension Day
1 June Whit Monday
5 Decembre Sinterklaas: Mirakel is closed from 16.00 hrs
24 Decembre Christmas Eve: Mirakel is closed from 16.00 hrs
25 Decembre Christmas Day
26 Decembre Boxing Day
31 Decembre New Year’s Eve: Mirakel is closed from 16.00 hrs
How's getting used to the childcare or after school care?

When it comes to getting used to the situation, we will make as much as possible contact with your child. One child feels at ease on day one and can easily stay for half a day or even a whole day, while another child has a lot of trouble getting used to the new faces and staying in a group and therefore needs more time to get used to it.
The pedagogical staff will take a good look at what is best for your child during the first few days and will discuss this with you. The adjustment period starts before the start of your contract. We often agree on the first day for a few hours before the childcare and then build this up in a few days until the date of the start of your contract. From that moment on, your child is welcome all day long.
Our staff will take a good look at what is best for your child during the first few days and will consult with you as a parent. Appointments you make with the pedagogical staff about the introductory phase will be recorded during the intake, but can be adjusted if this phase turns out to be different than expected.

When switching to another group within the location, too, we look closely at how the introductory phase of the switch to the new group fits this specific child as well as possible. The pedagogical staff member of his or her own group supervises the child during the internal transfer.

Where can I find the rules on privacy?

Click here for all information about our privacyverklaring.

My child is sick, is he allowed to go to day care?

If your child is ill and you are not sure if your child is allowed to come, please contact the group management. If your child is allowed to come to the childcare centre, make sure that you can be reached so that consultations can be held at any time of the day. It is possible that you will be called to pick up your child earlier.

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