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Childcare Mirakel started in 1992 with a nursery in Amsterdam Buitenveldert. Soon after that a second day-care centre and the first private BSO of the Netherlands in the building of the St. Jozef School in Amsterdam. In the meantime, we have grown into an organisation with 11 locations and about 140 employees.

Mirakel invests in quality, such as well-trained employees, attractive locations with their own character and image and a range of activities that focus on the development and enjoyment of children.

We offer various types of care: day care for babies, day care for toddlers, extracurricular care, extracurricular care and holiday care.
Director and owner, Myra Quint, together with the management team, takes care of the operational management and the conditions for our quality care.

Mirakel’s head office is located at Parlevinker 21 in Amstelveen. This is where the following locations are situated:

Myra Quint

Human Resources
Hendrien Schaap (personnel management & advice)
Alexandra Engers (administrative assistant)

Pedagogical coach
Carina Post

Pedagogical policy assistent 
Diana Vredenbregt

Planning & Placement
Jessica Zaal
Sandra Terweij (credit management)

Operational manager & communications
Esther de Vries




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