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You will experience the optimal outdoor life with a daycare center located on a farm. De Stal in Waverveen brings nature and a familiar home environment together.

We take care of children from zero to four years old on the ground floor. This group is called ‘De Pinken’. The nice thing about this vertical group arrangement is that children are in the group with the same pedagogical staff for four years. The younger children learn from the older and the older children learn to help the younger children. Children can participate in various activities at their own level; a toddler who is already ready for a toddler game can participate with toddlers. And vice versa: a toddler who is less able to keep up with the baby toys.

Farm animals
Animals play an important role in this location. Taking care of the rabbit is part of the daily activities, as is feeding the animals in the deer park. In the spring we watch the sheep being shorn and we plant a vegetable garden. In the winter we help the farmer to feed the cows.
And if it doesn’t storm or rain too hard? Then there is the possibility for the little ones to sleep outside. How healthy!

In addition to our day care, Mirakel de Ronde Venen also has after school care at this location.

What makes Mirakel de Ronde Venen so special?

  • A safe environment where he or she can grow by playing, discovering and learning
  • Our professional staff take care of this
  • Playing at the farm
  • Spacious natural garden with a wide face
  • We can look at and pet animals
  • We work with themes every 5 to 6 weeks
  • Extended opening hours: from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Information location:
KDV de Ronde Venen
De Stal

Botsholsedwarsweg 8a

3646 AK  Waverveen
Tel: 0297 – 582 139
Supervisor: Michelle van den Berg

Easily accessible by car
Free parking

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