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It is important to us that parents can discuss this as much as possible with the employees and/or management of Mirakel. This may involve, for example, the policy or the day-to-day running of the company. However, it can happen that parents feel that they cannot contact the Mirakel employees or management. We have set up a confidential advisor for these situations.

The external confidential counselors for parents are Inge van Hunnik and Jeanette Jager. They are affiliated with bureau De Vertrouwenspersoon and have both been working in this field for years. Inge and Jeanette are affiliated with the National Association of Confidential Counselors (LVVV). If you contact Inge (or Jeanette), she will first listen to your story in peace.

Then she will work with you to find a solution to the problem. Often the contact takes place by telephone, but of course it is also possible on location. Inge and / or Jeanette can be reached via servicedesk@devertrouwensersoons.nl or via 088-1119910.

You can consult the confidential counselor (VvO) about all kinds of issues. In all cases, confidentiality is fully guaranteed. The confidential advisor does not report to the manager, employees or management. It is independent of Kinderopvang Mirakel and could also be used as a starting point for a complaint to the complaints committee.

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