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It is important to us that parents can discuss this as much as possible with the employees and/or management of Mirakel. This may involve, for example, the policy or the day-to-day running of the company.
 However, it can happen that parents feel that they cannot contact the Mirakel employees or management. We have set up a confidential advisor (Bernadet Schansman) for these situations.

Bernadet is a pedagogue and has been working in child care for more than 30 years. Bernadet’s role as a confidential counsellor came into being in the child care sector after the sexual assault in Amsterdam. The report Gunning recommends this role, so that parents with their suspicions, anxiety or ‘gut feeling’ can go to an independent person.

In this set-up, parents can consult the Confidential Advisor for Parents on all kinds of issues, and they are (still) hesitant about how to discuss these with the pedagogical staff member, manager or director. Confidentiality is fully guaranteed in all cases. The confidential adviser does not report to the manager, employees or management. She is independent of Childcare Mirakel and could also be used as a starting point before a complaint is made to the klachtencommissie.

Bernadet can be reached in several ways: by mail (bernadet@schansman-ko.nl) or cell phone 06 – 186 879 28.

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