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Extra activities

Children are unique with their own talents, interests and peculiarities.
In order to help the Mirakel’s children to grow and develop further, we offer a number of extra activities:

Music lesson
Our music teacher teaches music to the baby and toddler groups. Every week we make music with the children and sing and dance with them. Even the youngest can join in quickly, for example with the eggs or just enjoy all the songs that are sung. Fun comes first, but it is also good for the language development and the fine and gross motor skills of the children.

Toddler gym
For toddlers from 3 years of age there is a weekly gym class given by an experienced gyms teacher. Various types of gymnastic material are used, such as gym benches, balls, hoops, mini trampolines and gym mats. Fun in moving is important to us in these lessons and the children also develop themselves in the field of motor skills.

Toddler plus programme
Children discover the world through play. With the challenging activities of the pyramid method, this will be a party. At Childcare Mirakel we use this special program for toddlers from 3.5 to 4 years old. The activities are aimed at the children’s level of mental development and prepare them for primary school. The method is structured around a number of themes such as spring, art or celebration.

Throughout the year, our after school cares offer workshops for children in different age groups. The workshops are given by external companies. The offer is a combination of tinkering or being active, for example: reptiles, graffiti or how to become a real Ninja.

Hot meal
Children of the after school care can have a hot meal at the end of the day. This is useful, for example, if your child starts exercising immediately after the after school care. You can indicate at the location whether you want to order a structural or occasional meal for your child. The child’s preference and any allergies can be taken into account. The meals cost 6 euros each and will be invoiced separately at the end of the month.

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