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Complaints procedure

No matter how hard we try, of course there really can be the occasional complaint. We take that very seriously! We therefore see a complaint more as an opportunity to improve our quality and service. We will do our best to handle the complaint to your satisfaction.

Our complaints policy describes the procedure for handling and registering complaints from parents. Preferably, parents/carers first raise a complaint with the person directly involved or the (assistant) manager of the establishment. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, a formal complaint can be submitted to the complaints coordinator. This can be reached via email: d.vredenbregt@kdvmirakel.nl A formal complaint is submitted in writing.

Finally, parents and parent committees with questions and complaints about childcare can go to the Childcare Complaints Desk. This desk is connected to the Disputes Committee for Childcare and Playgroups. The website of the Complaints Desk provides information on subjects that can lead to complaints, such as safety, communication, contracts or quality. The Complaints Desk can mediate by telephone between the parent and the entrepreneur or can call in an independent, external mediator. If this does not lead to a solution, the parent can submit a dispute to the Disputes Committee for Childcare and Playgroups.

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