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Childcare Mirakel has been selected by the municipality and GGD as one of the five best childcare organisations in Amsterdam and we are proud of this! We are part of a “Quality Circle” along with 4 other childcare organisations. This circle is an example to others and consists of Mirakel and Kids&Zo, Daycare Altijd Lente, Bloem and Telraam.

The GGD inspectorate uses a control system for childcare, in which there are three quality zones: green, orange and red. It goes without saying that a green code means that the childcare is good or excellent, orange means that the childcare is in the danger zone and red means that the childcare is badly appreciated!

Only 17% of the day-care centres in Amsterdam are in the green zone. The municipality wants to increase this percentage. The main focus is on safety, hygiene, the professional/child ratio and certainly also the pedagogical quality.

We are pleased with this positive approach of the municipality and the inspectorate, because we find (pedagogical) quality very important.

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