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Exchange, extra, study days

Exchange days
Sometimes it is more convenient to bring your child to day care on a different day than agreed. You can request an exchange day at Mirakel.

Exchange day = A day that you would like to trade with a day on which your child normally comes to childcare.

Within all arrangements, parents can request exchange days under the following conditions:

  • Exchanging days is a service provided by Mirakel; no rights can be derived from this. This means that we cannot guarantee that all missed days can be made up.
  • An exchange day is only possible if availability in the group allow it.
  • A public holiday or strike day cannot be converted into an exchange day.
  • Exchange days must be taken within the same calendar year. Exchange days are valid until 31 December of each calendar year and cannot be carried over to the next year.
  • Parents with a 48- and 46-week package can only use exchange days in the weeks of care accompanying their contract.
  • At the end of the placement agreement, unused days of absence expire. These hours cannot be used to purchase days after the childcare has been discontinued.
  • An exchange day can be requested at the earliest 2 weeks in advance. Due to changes in the planning of staff and children, we can sometimes only grant an alternative day one day in advance.

Extra days
In addition to exchange days, extra days can also be requested at the applicable daily rate. Here, too, the staffing level is leading.

Study days
On study days, the children can come to the nursery. However, we can only offer this service if more than 5 children are present. For clarity about the number of registrations for a study day, please contact the manager of the facility where your child is placed.

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